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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by MARTINSR

You will find that everyone has spoken their mind on the POR subject. Some very knowledgeable people have said everything there is to say about the good and bad of POR and similar products.

I was an employee of a respected paint company. I was a regular old rep, a "salesman" if you will. I could make that $2,000.00 credit to a customer if I felt our product had done them wrong or failed in some way. Now, $2,000.00 isn't much when you are talking about paint on a fleet of trucks or something. But it would handle most jobs and I had the authority to make the payment. And if it involved more, I made a phone call, WHAM, five or ten thousand if I wanted. I never had to do that, but if I needed it, I could do it.

So again a 'little guy' gets the 'royal welcome'

We sure could have used you at Fisher during the '80s, when we were having trouble with large areas of paint delaminating and falling off the cars before we could even get them out of the plant.
You could have just whipped out that ol company checkbook and wrote us a $2000 check for each one, nah, better make it $10,000, then we would'nt even have had to sell cars to customers, as you would have been covering our costs.

The point is, with the very best paint experts the industry could supply, a multi-million dollar modern paint shop, and a staff of painting professionals with a combined level of experience equaling thousands of years, 'problems' still can happen, that just writing a check or offering a "lifetime warranty" can not and will not solve.
Yes, we now seem to finally have those early teething problems solved, but at a tremendous expense, literally in the multiple millions of dollars in research, more millions in warranty claims, (some vehicles requiring a total repaint before the dealers could even sell them,) and countless more millions in future lost sales to those customers swearing they would "NEVER BUY A ***** GM PRODUCT AGAIN!!!. goodby Oldsmobile
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