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say you have a THOUSAND horsepower engine..... (technical engine question inside)

ok, this has turned into a huge debate over on our local car forum ...

a local guy is a Viper specialist. he has poured a TON of money into building his car, and seams to be well on his way of offering a very good number of self designed performance parts

a while back, he built a short block for a customer, and he built it totaly to his own specs. hes staying mum on what he did, which is understandable is a niche market like the vipers are

recently, the engine was finaly dynoed in the customer car and compared to similar setups in other vipers, it made almost an extra 100hp

everyone is trying to cry B.S. on this, that its all dyno error or that the results were "fluffed" .... what do you engine experts think ? is a 9% improvement possible out of the short block alone ?

This just in: A lower engine package I put together for a customer this fall based largely on what I built for myself just put down 950 RWHP with a STOCK Paxton kit, STOCK heads, STOCK Cam, STOCK fuel system w/paxton boosters, and a STOCK valvetrain. This is BY FAR the most ANYONE has gotten out of a Stock Engine/Stock Paxton/Built Bottom End configuration... Almost 100 RWHP more!

Apparently I did a pretty good job at building an efficient lower end? And the only reason it didnt make more was it ran out of fuel system!
Peak Horsepower was ~950 @ 5800
Peak Torque was ~885 @ 4700
Peak Boost was teetering between 14 and 15 PSI before it was shutdown due to going lean

According to the tuner who did the tuning, it is by far the highest horsepower he has seen yet for the given mod set, and this car gained over 100 to the wheels since it was tuned last year on the stock bottom end. I put a few "tricks" into the bottom end of that car, and they paid off BIG TIME with regards to efficiency, ability to run extremely advanced timing (for an FI car at least), and resistance to detonation. He is trying to convince the owner into a fuel system and some minor headwork, hoping to see well over 1000 to the wheels on the next go around.
Mass and friction have VERY little to do with any of the gains. If anything, the reduced friction *may* have countered the losses from increased mass...but thats about it.
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