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First, and most important, I know of ZERO camshafts made in China or anywhere else, for that matter, outside the USA, for American V8s and "performance". Where these rumors come from still amazes me.

Camshaft Machine Company is responsible for the majority of flat-tappet hydraulic cams ground today. Comp, Lunati, Crane, Crower, all use their facilities and supply "masters" for propietery grinds. They also produce the "generi-grinds" used by Edelbrock, Elgin, Summit, Wolverine, etc. Most of these are old-school cams with "proven" designs or old factory performance cams, which Melling was the vendor for "back in the day".

We (CVMS) use Comp almost exclusively. Hard to argue with the performance and success we've had with them. As for break-in problems, don't blame the cam maker. Pop had a saying: "When all else fails, follow instructions!" By that, I mean I've seen several wiped cam lobes. In virtually ALL cases, proper (recommended by cam grinders) break-in procedures were not followed completely. Modern oil MAY be a contributor, but I don't really think so. I say that because we break engines "in" all the time, using only 15W-40 Rotella or other such HD oil, and have had no lobe issues for many years.

For compression ratios under 9.5:1, we ALWAYS use a Comp XE or DE grind. Lunati "VooDoo" series is similar in parameters and performance. These modern "fast ramp" cams work VERY well in the lower compression, making them good choices for "pump gas" combos. Another company supplying these type grinds is Bullit Cams, but I have no "hands on" with their stuff. They claim to have the old UltraDyne grinds. If that's true, they're very good.

We also use Sealed Power lifters, pretty much exclusively, when using a flat-tappet hydraulic. Comp and Crower lifters have shown us problems oiling the "top" where the SP stuff has been worry-free. Comp assures me, if one uses a "quality" lifter (of which Sealed Power certainly is), they will honor their warranty. We don't use "anti-pump up" OR "fast bleed" hydraulics here.


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