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Originally Posted by kentactic View Post
Thats the rod im working with, im assuming this is the cap screw style you recommend? Its a 5.7''. Next if i can count on the cam making contact then what style cam should i be looking for? This is the total Rotating Assembly i have: Assault Pro Series 383 Balanced Rotating Assembly - KMJ Performance

That would be it. These usually don't have clearance problems, but things are tight and manufacturing tolerances result in slight differences, so the next step is to put the cam in then the crank then install the piston and rod assemblies and timing set. Then run the damper bolt in to use it with a wrench to rotate the crank in the clockwise direction from the front, easier done with a friend slowly turning and you spotting with a strong light and a set of feeler gauges to measure the clearances as the crank is turned.

The only time this stuff just assembles by stuffing parts in is on the OEM assembly line where the clearances are designed in so assembly is production line fast (what they call “rate” in the factory) and always repeatable one engine to the next. When you strike out building hot rod engines every engine, even what appears to be copies with the same parts, are custom builds requiring that all these contact points be identified and checked. Expect to have the engine assembled and checked then disassembled and reassembled then maybe rechecked at least a couple times before it finally goes together. A stroker needs this bottom end checked out, include in that the oil pump clearances to crank and bottom of the pan. Windage tray and scrapers to crank and oil pump if these are used. Fit of the distributor to the cam gear and oil pump drive this means you need to put the top end on with the pan off. But At this time you can also check the piston crown to deck clearance sometimes you find the pistons are rebuilder high pin type and the zero deck you thought you had is back to oh-twenty five and the compression gone to hell with it, and by the way the wrong pistons were in the box marked for a standard height pin piston ( oh-well S#it Happens). Or you discover that milled heads and decked block with the high lift cam and or high ratio rockers have the valves and pistons occupying the same space at the same time. This is all a PIA to check out but is lot easier and cheaper to fix before building a fire in the cylinders then discovering the things that don't clear each other.

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