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OPPS, I forgot

Originally Posted by Rod stalker
okay i need to buy a new gasket set for my 350 and i know for a fact the ppl say that there are specific applications to vehicles and engines and stuff but it is a load of crap like all parts store sell gmc and chevy engine parts as diff catagories... psshh idiots its a 350 they arnt diff engine parts if there the same year... sorry to say same with shocks there is no such thing as a vehicle specific shock... NO NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! they are specific to the height of the shock and a few other minor things so i have been around this block many times which is why i am so frustrated (you might have guessed) with this situation, i know 350 gaskets are pretty much universal with other 350 up till they went to horrificly heinous fuel injection the bane of my exsistence anywho, my 350 i got is a 95 or 96 one of those and it is throttle body injection so it doesnt have like the injector o ring gaskets or w/e they are and all that special garbage that normal efi or tpi have but the only thing is that the engine is a vortec engine, wanna say its a L31/ 5700 vortec or somthing like that and i know a normal gasket set will fit it but i dont know if it has to be specific for a vortec (like everything else on a vortec does) what i mean is like if the ports are just a tiny bit diff size or if they are spaced just a lil diff. but i really need to know before i go blow the little money i have on the wrong gasket set, so any help at all would be very much appreciated
The head gaskets for GEN I engines are common, the intake to head port gaskets are not for Gen I's 1995 and older compared to 1996 and newer.

If it's a 95 it uses swirl port heads and TBI, this is pretty much the same top end gasket set as aways used with the exception of some raised port race heads which for the most part are not production items.

OOPS, I forgot to mention that looking at the 1995 block casting number can screw with your mind. The Vortec 880 block was introduced during the 95 production run. However, it mounts Swirl Port heads, TBI, and OBDI engine management as all other 1995's. So don't just go by casting numbers to ID a 95 model engine.

If it's a 96 it is stickier as nearly all used the L31 Vortec, OBD2 computers with central port sequential cylinder injection. But some, mostly vans, came with OBD1 TBI on what otherwise was the L31 Vortec long block. However, all of these take the upper end gasket set unique to the L31 Vortec Head. This is because the Vortec uses a 4 bolt per side attachment pattern instead of the older 6 bolt pattern, the Vortec head also has raised ports compared to the older heads so a regular gasket set not only has the wrong bolt pattern but isn't tall enough to seal the ports.


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