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I used the break in lube that came with the cam. Applied it to whole cam and lobes. It was piping as soon as it fired once the engine gets to about 150 degrees the pop goes away and then comes back at normal running temp. When I first tried to fire it the spark plug wires were in correct order but had them one plug advanced on the cap so engine didn't fire. Changed wires to correct location on the cap and it started with a nasty miss. I changed the wires, cap, rotor, then the whole dizzy since I noticed that mine wouldn't spring the weights back. Still has pop on passenger side bank. Has about 150 psi compression on all 8 cylinders and valves are operating properly. I had the valves adjusted by my father who has built engines for years and the method he adjusts valves is loosen till clacks then slowly tighten to clack goes away and then give an extra 1/4 turn on the wrench and they are good to go. Valves were adjusted with a warm engine so there should be no issue there. I did find a little oil on the number 8 plug and it smell of gas so I don't think its firing. I am running the stock copper prone to foul if flooded plugs. And I flooded the engine the first two times I tried to start it.
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