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God, I wrote everything out and my window close on me
Dun its a 4 bolt main block, numbers 14010207. The neads are 86 cast iron with numbers 140 796261 *intake 1.94 and exh 1.5 I read some where*
So you think Im gonna have to go .060 over? I know thats near if not if the max someone should go on a 350. And yes if I got the 3.75 crank then the numbers come out to 388 And Iv already given up the engine kit and gonna put this thing together one part at a time. Yes Turbo I could get a vortec in better shape and everything an come out speading less but I just dont feel like going that way with it. I have thought about doing a 5.3-6.0 vortec build...but thats WAY later on. This engine is my learning engine and Im willing to work with it till I have no choice but to junk it.
Anyway back to the heads, any ideas? I will be going with the 388 build on it and not sure where to go :/ Im gonna go with cast iron, every website and a few people Iv talked to in person say their more duriable and make about the same power for what Im looking for. Aluminum are lighter by around what, 40 pounds? And cool better from what Im told...but Im still wanting to go with cast iron.
My last truck was a 82 chevy c10 with a l82 vette 350, guy I got it from said he rebuilt it and made in the 300hp area. After some exhuast work and gears that I did it ran a 14.3 in the 1/4 mile, it used all cast iron parts and its a good thing. When I first got it the radiator was bad so I would over heat so bad at time it would start dieseling. My dad told me it was a good thing I had cast and not alum. on it or els the heads would be junk by that time due to warping...I know the heads are soft, in shop class back in high school my teacher showed me just how easy they could get damaged or warped.

*for videos of the truck go to youtube and type in charliedclayton, my videos should pop up, i got rid of it after it snap(my 3rd) transmission case and personal reasons)
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