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Originally Posted by Deuce
Your main problem ... is ... in my opinion
THAT you have removed the original good shroud and belt driven fan.

( photo taken from the internet ... )

General Motors spends tons of time and money engineering their cars to run cool ... why does people think that they can make it BETTER ??? with some aftermarket electric fans.

Install the shroud back on and the proper belt driven ... and the correct 195 range thermostat and be done with it ...

Deuce ... Moderator

Geez, Deuce...I hadn't thought of THAT one. I kinda figured that even with my three (yes, 3) college degrees that maybe GM had known what they were doing...oh, wait, they didn't always[I], even in those halcyon days!!! Besides, I didn't just willy-nilly remove perfectly good components... they were shot and needed replacement.

Just give me some credit for doing some decent research and not pushing the panic button right off the bat! I ran with the OE setup for 3 years before the old girl developed her 'issues.'

I went with the dual electrics because it was a matter of economics. The fan AND clutch were shot (fan coming apart at the rivets), and it was going to cost as much to replace them as to get the two electrics (on sale at that time). So if you were going to replace a bad one with a (potentially) better one, why wouldn't you?

BTW, the only t'stats listed for my 327 / TH400 at O'Reilly, AutoZone, Pep Boys, Raceway and Impala Bob's are a 160 and a 180, so I don't know where 195 came from...and believe me, I've looked and asked for 3 solid years. No one has even been able to tell me what the normal op temp for this engine/application is yet.

IF someone could tell me (with any degree of authority - meaning: show me in print) what the temp my engine should be on a 90 degree day, and it was 195-205, I might believe them. Might. But when the gauge reads 220 within 15 minute of operation with a puny 160 t'stat in it, and pegs 250 with the AC on ... and I'm no mechanic, but I have run a motor pool worth $225 million in the USAF ... I'd say that, if anything, I indulged in needless overkill and something else must be wrong.

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