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GearHead69 08-22-2003 12:05 AM

SBC distributor
I'm building a pretty hot 355.. It has 12:1 TRW pistons, Ported angle plug 492 Double humps, 2.02 160's.. Victor JR, 750 Holley, 560/580 cam.

I plan on setting my rev limiter to 7000 and shifting around 6200.. I have some stock GM distributors sitting on the shelf. I know I have atleast 2 HEI's and one Point style. Can I modify either of them to turn 7000rpm?? I want to be cheap and I already have some distributors. Should I use the point or HEI and what needs to be done so they will hold up to around 6500?? Thanks

Also I just bought this cam off Ebay it said it was a custom grind from Crane. Solid Flat-Tappet.. Specs are 258/268 @50.. 560/580 Lift, 106 Lobe seperation. Do you think I over cammed for 12:1 compression??

DoubleVision 08-22-2003 01:24 AM

no, I don`t think your over cammed for the compression and mods you mentioned. the HEI is your best bet, the terminals being further apart are beneficial in helping to avoid crossfire in the cap. as far as there power goes, they start to croak around 4500 rpm and up, my car would start to bust around 5300, so I got a pertronix flame thrower coil and module, both are $40 each, also add a good set of spiral core plug wires, and take your time and route them correctly, keep them properly spaced, add a brass terminal cap and rotor button, make sure the mechanical advance moves freely with no bind, and maybe add a new pickup coil to be on the safe side, and lastly, shim all the play you can out of the distributor shaft, this helps keep the shaft from walking up and down and causing erractic timing at high rpm, after these mods, your HEI should be ready to race up to 7000 RPM. but I will say since your using such a big cam, and high compression, make sure you check the piston to valve clearance.

1BAD80 08-22-2003 07:46 AM

You will need a double spring setup on the valves. The heads will be the weak point. They will have to be pocket ported and flowed.
Watch for coil bind, we had a good long posting on these heads a few months ago. You want to set your rev limiter 200 RPM above the shift point. DoubleVision hit most of the other tips I recommend following them.
The stock HEI starts to fall off after 4200 rpm so the upgrade like DoubleVision is highly recommended.

gt2betubbed 08-22-2003 08:38 AM

There's nothing left to say other than, sounds like a damn cool set up! Do you have a digital camcorder, cuz I'd love to hear that thing idle!:drool:

DV, how do you shim the distributor shaft?

GearHead69 08-22-2003 12:09 PM

I will definatly find somthing to record the sound, I know it will be pretty bad *** with the lift I have and 106 speration.. I have my Double humps set-up, I ported them and I have been around guys who run 8's all my life and they taught me.. The heads should be pretty good they are 492 casting.. with angle plugs and 64's. I think they were "GM performance parts"
Yeah, I'm all set up with springs too, I had the seats cut to accept bigger springs and I'm running Elgin Swirl Polish stainless race valves. Here's the specs on my springs:
Spring Pressure Installed: 135# @ 1.750" - 115# @ 1.800"
Spring Pressure Open: 335# @ 1.250 -360# @ 1.200
Coil bind @ 1.170"
All around they will handle 600 lift easily.

1BAD80 08-22-2003 06:56 PM

Sounds like you have it all set, I have a set of the 492s their a service head with the angle plugs. On the distributor shims you will have to pick up a shim pack, any hot rod shop should have them. You use a feeler gage set between the cam gear and the distributor housing shaft to figure out what shim you need.
The instructions are in the pack. All you have to do is knock out the split pin, slide off the gear, put on the shim/s and reinstall the gear. LOL

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