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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
Too bad the situation of how engines work doesn't fit the question.
Neither does anything about gear ratios or converter stall speeds or any of the other things you complained about having been left out.

I am telling you (yet again) that in this case there's no place to even start, not knowing what the OP wants or knows. But at the same time, YOU do a cut and paste in one post- w/o ANY of your own words or anything remotely explaining things, and then in another post sort of recommend a race intake. And the rest of the time you complain. So if anyone was going to be brought into question about the quality of their posts, it would be you.

But hey- if you think you can do better, then DO IT! Because by what I have seen you don't take your own advice as far as being thorough. How's about this- every thread you post to, give ALL the info on the subject. Not just a cut and paste or a line or two, I mean in your own words, lay it all out. Then do that for EVERY thread you post to. See how long it takes before you realize the smarter thing to do is to let the questions from the OP dictate how much detail you go into (as well as the tone/timbre of the post and your own instincts).

BTW, I have written extensively in the Crankshaft Coalition (CC) so I can link to the articles there to add to the information I post. That's the only practical way I can cover a very large amount of ground in a post w/o writing a book on every thread I post to. So when you see links in my posts, they're almost never to a magazine article (1/2 of 1% maybe? Or less?). Most often the links you see are links to CC articles that I have either written in their entirety, added to, or read and know the info is good.

BTW II, my post count was mentioned in reference to getting a feel for what a poster needs and wants, not as any qualifier or to indicate the efficacy of a poster- me or anyone else. That's why I had my post count zeroed out some time ago. I am totally secure in the quality of what I post, w/o needing a large post count. And between you and me. it's 20,000, not 2,000.

Now, this is the last time I am going to address this. I have spent more time trying to explain things to you than I should have needed. Get a clue: I am not changing ANYTHING about how I post or the info I choose to include. Save your breath and use your time to answer posts or something instead of worrying about what I do.
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