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Originally Posted by cobalt327 View Post
I'm not following you on the choke ground wire. The choke heater is grounded through the choke housing to the carb body, intake, cylinder head, etc. on through to the battery, no ground wire needed. The only wire required at the choke itself is a 12 v current carrying wire.

The ground on the distributor is connected to the coil on one end and the body of the distributor on the other. The rest of the ground pathway is through the dist. body through the clamp and bolt into the engine block, etc. on to the battery eventually.

As for the power supply wire having a splice in it (if that's the case), I would caution you against using the coil power wire to run anything else. The HEI needs full battery current to work at its best.

Be sure there is a male terminal in the center position in the coil cover that mates w/the female 3-wire connecter/pigtail that's attached to the distributor. That's the ground for the coil. The way the ground is made, it can be accidentally left off. It will be either a wire or solid metal conductor running to one of the coil holddown screws. If it's left off, the coil will not be grounded.
When I said its grounded on the choke's ground, I was referring to a Summit aftermarket carb that has a 3-4 inch wire coming from the choke housing to another screw on the carb (grounding it to the manifold, cylinder heads, ect) I ran a wire from the center pin on the HEI (the ground) and ran it to that same screw to ground the coil, but its not appearing to be working. I then grounded it to the terminal on the alternator to be sure my ground was good, but had no luck. Everything says its a bad ground, but I can't figure out how it could be bad.
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