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sbc inneed of medical attention 911

Hello all. Thanks for yalls time.
Sorry for any bad spelling and or misprints - its late here and im tired + dealing with my 14mth old son.
Iv got a 66 c10 with a sbc 400.
First of let me say Im not trying to half az this or cheap out on this but money is so tight right now....

To make a long story short - When I got the truck I was told it had a oil change and was pretty much ready to go expt for wiring issues.
After addressing the wiring issues I checked the oil (Overfilled but thought nothing of it because the oil was clear as could be)

I fired her up and she had a slight miss. After a few adjustment I could not clear up the miss. I checked the oil and it looked milkish
So I ran compression checks. cylinders 3 and 5 had 75ish psi and the rest all had a even 125.
I pulled the head with the low compression issues - ran it to the shop and had it checked. (Woulden u know - cracked head)
The shop built me a new head for 200$ with all new parts. Durning the time waiting for the head *I dropped the pan to installed a new high volume oil pump* This is when I found antifreeze in the oil.

(I talked with the shop and they said I should go ahead and drop on the new head on and see how the oil pressure does) Since I never heard the engine knock or such.

Got the head home re-installed.
Fired her up and had 50ish psi on cold start- (I have a cheap after market gauge) after running 10 mins I had no oil pressure- I went ahead and changed the oil thinking maybe it had picked up some of the bad old oil/antifreeze mixture.

I used 10/30 the first time this time I used 10/40.

This time I had 40ish at start up and lost oil pressure within 5mins. (This maybe because the first time I started the truck the oil had been in it over night and its been cold here) The oil I put in the 2nd time had been in the house.

I pulled the valve cover to see how well the top end was oiling - this is when i noticed cylender 7 rockarm wasn't moving as much. I checked and recheck my rocker adjustments and the push rod.

Soo now after all this I have a flat cam.

The shop is saying I probably killed a cam bearing when the cam went flat.

Since Iv had all these issues. Im pulling the motor.
I getting a new cam and lifters from summit - Im getting new cam bearings. right around 150ish.
Then Im having the crank turned with new bearings for 150.

Im planing on installing everything myself. - New cam bearings and stuff....
Im having alote of ppl tell me I dont need to vat the engine block -

Some are saying I just need to keep an eye on the oil and change it 3 or 4 times every 200 miles or so for a bit.

Some are saying i could take the engine all the way down and remove all the
plugs and wash the block at a car wash then spray the block like crazy with wd40.

I read a forum wear someone had the same issues. There was people saying vat and others saying its not needed. Some wear even saying what metal was in the engine from the bad cam probably got washed out by the anti freeze.

The shop Im using is wanting 200$ just to vat + 50$ for all new parts.

Then 150 on the crank and 150 in the cam.

I just dont have that kinda money.

I can probably swing the 300 and a little extra for gaskets/oil pump and stuff but thats about it....

Can I get away with not vatting the engine?

When I dropped the pan there was no - metal looking stuff nor was there any on the magnet on the drain plug. There was none in the oil I just changed after the 10/15min run and none in the oil filter.

Please any advice?
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