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Why is it so hard to get your head around using good high octane fuel that is up the the task?
if you want some extra power with nitrous on your 10.60:1cr motor.
Get a adjustable kit 150- to 300hp type and start with the 150hp level and learn how to use it and go fast.
making full use of it for the full 1/4 mile.

Get some 110+ octane unleaded and use it as required based on the N20 shot.
On your motor I would not use less than a 100 octane brew.

When you get the 150hp level all figured out and are makeing good power with it, you can step up the program if you want. Step up the fuel octane level accordingly and you will have lots of reliable fun.
Fuel octane is your friend.

If you want to pound it with 350-450hp+ shot use straight 116+ octane race gas.

The 100 hp powershot is a tease. The octane requirements of the various systems available are very clear in the guidelines. And there is no free lunch.

When I pound a low compression ratio engine with way too much nitrous, on pump gas I keep the parameters well under control. Like controlling fuel pressure within 1/4 lb , bottle temp and very conservative timing, camshaft, launch/nitrous engagment rpm.. etc Detonation must be avoided. You want a race converter that allows you to launch at a high rpm when hitting it real hard.
Never hit with a big shot at a low rpm or @ less than full throttle. (thats how connecting rods bend) The bigger the shot, the higher the minimum rpm.
I don't use a "controller" or multi stage. But do closely control the exact nitrous engagement rpm at launch.

High engine compression ratio I always use good gas, when using nitrous.

I have never hurt a motor on nitrous and I hit them real hard even with cast pistons. (a lot harder than most say you can)
{low engine compression ratio, I always sneak up on the tune up}
But you must have tight control of the parameters. As stated start at the low level shot level and learn to go fast.
Do not skimp on fuel octane especially during the learning curve. Do not skimp on the nitrous's or the engine's fuel system.
and do not piggy back.
That does not nessessairlily mean expensive. The total system on my car is 900+ HP capable and did not cost a lot.
I'm not rich either.
You will have more fun...

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