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85 regal 02-21-2003 08:31 PM

sbc question
i just freshened up a 350 and installed. at first i had trouble starting it (180 out). i broke the cam in then adjusted the rocker arms. when i finished and went for a drive there was still one ticking so i went back over a few times to see if i was missing something and could not find the one to be ticking but couldnt find anything. so i changed the pushrods and rocker arms they looked a little worn out. when i tried to start it. it would crank over but nothing. geting fire and fuel.tomorrow im going to give it a tune up. plugs and wires. i installed new plugs but looke fouled. the engine smokes a little bit could that be fouling the plugs. is there any thing to fix this for sure if that is the problem(msd maybe)
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kellogs 02-22-2003 06:56 AM

when it runs again check to see if you have a small exhaust for the smoking a new motor will do that until everything seats properly.did you redo the heads also?may need valve seals.if the plugs are gas fouled then the carb may need rebuilding or the choke could be stuck.if it ran once but ticked you shouldn't have much trouble getting it restarted.

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