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^^^^X2, change the cam now while you have the chance. personally i think the vic jr intake should go too, especially if you dont end up changing the cam and heads. now you mention a 3600 stall which means that you will want a cam with an operating range that starts around 3000-3200, this should put you at around 240 at .050 with around .550" on a hyd roller cam. Now i dont know of any DART 185cc intake runner heads, but i do know of the 180cc and the 200cc iron eagle heads. the 180cc heads are their older iron eagle (pre platinum) design where as the 200cc are the newer iron eagle platinum heads. the platinum heads have much better exhuast ports and are quite a nice head. i used a set of a 383 i have which dyno'd out at 512hp/492tq (I had some clean up work done to them though). I would suggest the 200cc platinum heads if you go with the 3600 stall, cam to match it and keep the vic jr intake. other option would be if you change the stall down to around 2800-3000, swap out the vic jr intake to a perf rpm, go with a cam in the 225-230 at .050" range and around .500" lift hyd roller cam with the 180cc DART heads.

The first setup i mentioned should be good for 440-460hp (as long as everything else is matching up as well) and should have a 3200lbs S-10 running 11.8-12.20 in the 1/4m. the second set up should be good for around 400-410hp (agains as long as everything matches up well) and should take the S-10 to about a 12.60-12.70" in the 1/4m.

personally i would go with the first set up since you already have the intake and stall.
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