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nova}{ 10-26-2011 08:10 PM

Sbc Top End Kit

found a nice top end kit, depending on the cam i choose and with 9.5:1 compression about how much hp and torque would this make off a 350?

327NUT 10-27-2011 03:28 AM

I see no one has chimed in yet, it looks like a pretty nice set up for the money....but you really have to do your research on stuff like this. I looked at the ebay add and first thing I would do is call Brian and ask him for a few references. If he's got nothing to hide and is on the up and up then he should have no problem with that. Since he does have a dyno he would be the one to ask about a reasonable hp estimate.

Also depending on your application....daily driver, weekender or race car only, make sure you pick the right cam, some guys, well a lot of guys over cam and carb their engines and wonder why it doesn't run right or isn't very street friendly....good luck.

BogiesAnnex1 10-28-2011 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by nova}{

found a nice top end kit, depending on the cam i choose and with 9.5:1 compression about how much hp and torque would this make off a 350?

I'd buy it just for the red rockers!

Power is cam and compression dependent. This comes first then the intake, carb, exhaust as these are supporting characters. Not that good intake and exhaust components don't make improvements on other-wise weak engine internals, as they do, but the really big gains come from inside unless you're pasting a blower and/or nitrous on the outside.

These are Chinese castings, they tend to have porosity problems and often prove not to carry sufficient strength under the spring pocket. A common problem with big port heads, you just can't stuff everything in a box of limited size. You gotta watch the push rod length many of these require adding a lot of length on the push rod, this makes it pretty flexible so you have to step up to better push rods in terms of material used and/or diameter and/or wall thickness.

Haven't used these myself just passing on what I gleen looking over other peoples fenders.

Keep in mind the piston is part of the combustion chamber. While top end and cam improvements make plenty of power on there own better piston shapes really enhance what these parts do. So if you need pistons, this is always a good time for flat tops or D dish crowns as these configurations greatly support the effects of squish and quench which is where these modern heads are getting their fabulous power numbers from on unleaded E10/15 fuels.


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