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360Camaro 08-04-2003 07:26 PM

SBChevy Rod Caps appear mixed up
I've always been led to believe that rods and their caps should be matched for life. When looking at my rebuilt chevy I see that basically none of the side's match.

I've had a good 350 sieze within minutes because the caps were on the wrong rods (co-worker mixed them up). Matched them up again with a new crank and bearings and everything was fine.

I also notice blueish/purple heat discoloration near the piston pin area. The engine turns by hand (little tight, maybe).

My question is this: Should I just trust engine builder (assembled in Mexico, but with many errors: bent pushrod, stuck rocker swivel, head gasket leaking oil, mixed head castings, etc). Or would that be foolish.

Should I replace all the rods and put a new crank/bearing set? I can at least use the flat-top pistons I guess right? Truely a nightmare. 08-04-2003 07:46 PM

Whoever the rebuilder was looks like a low quality outfit, the rods dont match because a rebuilder like this buys junk rod cores and matches up caps and bodies "close enuf" then cuts the caps and resizes the rod, I have seen this type rebuild be up to .020 short of a stock rod length and almost that much too long, combine the .020 short rod with a rebuilder piston that is .020 short to begin with and you have a problem. The discoloration is from excessive heat on the small end of the rod, heat is used to expand the rod "eye" so the pin will slip thru, then when cooled it has an interferance fit, if over heated this fit is not as good and a pin can slide over and groove the wall. Chevrolet had this problem with early high deck big blocks.

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