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Man Willys,my whole house with the garage is only about 1000 sq feet.I left a 700 sqare foot shop when I bought my house and threw away almost everything I owned that I didnt need to maintain the one car I have.Eventually I want to expand my house out into the garage and build a 20 x 20 detatched in the back yard,but I have to get my neighbors to apporve it since I will need a variance to fit it.
As for the commode,I have had some doozies over the years.My last shop had water from the building next door{owned by the same owner as my garage} and we ran garden hoses out of a hole in the basement window into my shop and then hooked them to a faucet.You should have seen the look on the face of the hardware store guy when he asked what I was looking for and I told him i needed fittings to hook a garden hose to a sink faucet.We dropped a slop sink in the corner of the shop and then ran a piece of PVC pipe about 30 feet out to the city sidewalk.The drain ran right across the sidewalk.and into the street.We used the slop sink as a urinal but I made sure to advise users to please shoot into the drain if they could.We then ran the water for about 30 seconds to wash it away.
In another shop we had no way to run a sink and drain.We did however discover that you can do certain elminations into buckets of oil and that the product would sink to the bottom where the smell would not escape.One guy figured out that he could put a rolled up garden hose atop a 5 gallon pail of slop oil to make a cushy seat to sit down and do #2,but I didnt really want them doing that.At one point our lack of a commode caused an engine failure.It seems that one of our guys had a habit of leaving soda bottles full of mystery liquid around the shop because he was too lazy to remeber to throw them out.Well one of the other guys got po'ed and told him the next time he finds a bottle laying around he was going to pour it into his engine.Well a bottle was left,and it was in fact emptied into this guy's carb and it hydrolocked the motor and bent a connecting rod on a fresh 355 I just built.Apart it came and he got charged for 8 new rods and 1 new piston.He didnt make that mistake again.
Another commode story landed me a 100% increase in storage space.I had a 3 car shop in a gasoline alley type property,and I share the 3 car shop along side my own with another guy.It seemed that some of my customers didnt like this guy very much so whenever they had the chance they would use his corner of the lot as a urinal.After 2 months the guy packed up and left.I ended up with both shops to myself.I subrented 2 spaces in the other shop to some of the offending customers who soon found another place to answer nature's call.I can really be proud of that one,but it is a crazy garage commode story.
The worst one we had was when I was cleaning out a shop that I was moving out of.It seems that one of the guys had left a surprise in a glass jar on a shelf.When I was cleaning off the shelf I knocked over the jar and the well seasoned surprise crashed to the floor.It stunk soooo bad I couldnt finish moving my stuff.After an hour of hosing it out I was able to hang a few car air fresheners around the rim of my hat and walk back in to retrive my stuff.
So the moral of the story is a commode in a garage is a very important thing.

Willys,you and my dad would do well in a shop togehter.He is a wood boat guy,and had a 30 foot boat made of phillipine mohogany that he kept up like a piece of fine furniture.Having to maitain Mohogaony in a water enviornment means a lot of wood replecemnt on a regular basis,and he could fit joints like nobody I ever seen.He just made about 300 strips of wianscoating for his kitchen which he ripped by hand and finished and drilled before mounting in his kitchen.He is a wood nut.I can just about fumble through making a work bench out of 2x4's.I guess the talent isnt hereditary.when I redid my house I discovered just how much I liked the style of rosettes on my woodwork:}

As for my paint booth, cant even use my garage,since it is nowhere near sealed off from my house.It hasnt been updated since the house was built in 1952,and if I fart too stinky in the garage when I work,I can smell the air freshener my wife is spraying in the kitchen to cover it up about 5 minutes later.I think I may have to choose a solid color to paint my car so that I can panel paint it under a tarp alongside my house.It wouldnt be the first time I did that,not even the first time on this car.

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