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searching for an idle problem fix

im almost done swapping v8 into s10. 1983 305 been told a different cam in it, not sure though, quadra jet carb 1980 and manifold, turbo 350. this motor an tranny where in another s10 fired, ran, idled, even drove it onto a trailer so it has worked 3months ago. now back together and cant get this thing to idle. i think its over fueling but no smoke from exhuat. the different item from 3 months ago til now is distributer. it had an hei dist with the weights robbed off of it and no vac pod so replaced it with what i want to call a regular dist in fear of calling it something its not, external coil, points, vac pod, just plan stock v8 distributor.

list of things ive tried

epoxy plugs on qjet
vac leaks with carb cleaner
rebuild kit
had this carb apart 4 times now not dirty

things that look suspicious

the points seem to be generating with dust on them. am i burning them up?

start the truck and bring the rpms up to 2000-2500 ?? no tack runs with very minor hicups but all and all smooth let off of the gas and let it idle and it starts running rough and dies. back to the starter button and cranks for 5-7 seconds and fires rpms are high (no throttle) for 5-10 seconds and idles downs runs rough and dies.

no wiring harness running 12 volts to everything starter, coil,altenator. any ideas?

if you have the time to lend a few words of wisdom i sure would appreciate it. thanks
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