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waid302 01-26-2013 07:21 AM

Sebring 1st vs. 2nd gen seats with shoulder belt ???
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I recently purchased pair of Sebring Seats for my 64 Ford from my local pic-a-part. Up until now, I did not know that there was a module that I needed which I did not get! With first generation I believe when the solenoids are powered, the seatbelt can be moved. When the solenoids are not powered, the seatbelts cannot be moved.

I think my seats are 2nd generation. I am able to move the belts on both driver and passenger side with no power connected. When I can jerk the seat belt, they seem to lock fine without any module. From what I found so far, beginning with the 2001 model year, the Seatbelt Control Timer Module (SCTM) was eliminated and the electronics were fully integrated with the airbag controls into a unified occupant restraint system. The seats do have pyrotechnic pre-tensioners which I have left disconnected.

It appears that the module with 2001+ seats only controls the pyrotechnic pre-tensioners in the seat itself + the air bags.

Does anyone know even if I get the module, it will not work without all of the impact sensors and stuff. Correct?

Is there any issue with my seat (2001+) operating properly without the module & leaving pyrotechnic pre-tensioners disconnected?

Can I replace the pyrotechnic pre-tensioners with 1996-1997?



DanTwoLakes 01-26-2013 07:32 AM

Moving this thread to General Rodding Tech.


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