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Originally Posted by brainsboy
My information is based on experience
Personally I would never use epoxy as a sealer over body work and filler. As I mentioed epoxies are very sensitive to the type of material they are being sprayed over. Epoxies are also designed and developed to be sprayed directly on metal not over filler. .

Here we go again Your advise is Wrong
We are her to help people.... not give out a Ludicris opinion with NO foundation whatsoever.
We are here to steer people in the Proper direction
Epoxy works GREAT over fillers and used as a Sealer before Topcoat
Epoxy were designed as a Sealer

This is Just for you BrainsBoy

the instructions right off the SPI website for EPOXY as follows......

After first reading our Epoxy Tech Sheet, mix enough #6600 series epoxy to spray two
wet coats over the entire car. Spray one wet coat and let flash about 30 minutes, then
apply a second wet coat. Let the epoxy set overnight and then apply body, or fiberglass
filler and glazing putty over the epoxy. It is not necessary to sand the epoxy before
applying the fillers, as they will bite into the epoxy, and feather great. When you have
finished sanding all of the bodywork, you are likely to have some bare metal spots from
sanding. Spray one wet coat of epoxy over all filler spots and over any bare metal spots.
Let the vehicle set overnight.

The next day, you can start spraying the 2K primer over the epoxy. Once again, it is not
necessary to scuff or sand the epoxy before applying primer. The most important
thing to remember at this point, is spray one wet coat of primer, and let it set for 30
minutes before applying the second coat. Follow this procedure between coats of primer.
This step, when abused, messes up more paint finishes than anything else!

When all of the primer blocking and any necessary primer repairs have been done, it is
always best to use the epoxy as a sealer. Mix up enough epoxy to go around the car with
one wet coat, adding a double shot glass of SPI #885 urethane reducer, per quart. Let the
epoxy set for 30 minutes. Stir one more time, and strain. Spray one full wet coat of epoxy
over the entire car. The epoxy should set for 24 hours, then wet sand as needed, with
600-800 grit paper and then you are ready to base.


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