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Originally Posted by johnsongrass1
Yes exactly, the same timing.

Gas, alky, methonal, E85, nitro, whatever, I've have, or my buddies have used it all these at some point. 36' timing

If your using race gas then and moving timing your wasting money. Octane does NOT make power. Compression does.

Your from Sweden, and not here in the land of the free, so I can't tell you about your carb since your fuel requirement's are not the same as ours.

I can tell you that when you switch to our street gas to E85 my carb builder, I might he is the best in the buisiness, will charge you close to $1000 to convert.
Using high octane ALLOWS you to use more timing and possibly get more power.

if you are getting 400 hp with 32 of timing on 87 octane, then you add 104 octane unleaded race fuel and that race fuel allows you to run 36 of timing. if your setup makes more power with more timing, then you WILL make more power by advancing the timing.

I agree with you, higher octane fuel alone doesnt make more power, actually it makes less, but the extra slower burning high octane fuel allows you to advance timing to make more power. As well as using more compression, leaner a/f ratio etc etc.

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