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horvath 02-14-2007 11:18 AM

Sewing Machine Treddle Adjustment
I'm really surprised at the small amount of travel my treddle has.

First, I noticed this on the instructional DVD that came with my Tacsew: When the tech set up the treddle, it only traveled up and down about 1 inch and that surprised me. But after installing my servo motor yesterday and attaching the pitman arm, and seeing how the treddle only moves 1 inch (up/down), I thought, "This doesn't give you much to play with!"

Naturally, I know nothing at this point and maybe I'll see that this is all you need ... but I'm thinking of extending the arm from the motor and making it 8 inches longer. Then, after mounting the pitman arm on the left side of my treddle, I'd have more like 2 inches of movement, giving me a more gentle and more controlled approach.

What do you guys think about this?

armysniper 02-14-2007 06:22 PM

On all the machines I have ever owned the rod that connects the treddle has 2 jam bolts, to adjust travel. You really don't need much travel, most of your sewing will be a slow to slow medium pace. Having a long throw on the peddle can only get you in trouble. ( run-away)

horvath 02-14-2007 07:08 PM

Well ... I just made the arm on mine longer and I now have a 2-inch move on my treadle instead of the one-inch move it had before and it seems to me that I'm getting more control at the slower speeds. Remember I have a servo motor not a clutch motor ... I don't know the difference but this seems to be a cool modification and I can always go back to the other positions if I find I'm wrong.

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