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Originally Posted by DanTwoLakes
No, you haven't cleared up my confusion. I have to admit,you have me baffled. How does a "ground down" (your words) foot of any kind beat a presser foot, which is specifically made to sew flat seams, or a welt foot which is specifically made to sew welts? So if I understand you correctly, you use a modified zipper foot to sew both flat seams and welts, as opposed to feet that are designed to do those jobs? A zipper foot walks to the left side of the needle, which would put it directly on top of the welt cord. Are you saying that your modifications of a zipper foot are better than feet that are specifically designed to do certain jobs? Then what do you use to sew zippers? How about taking a picture of the modified foot so we can all take a look at it? From what I can tell, you have a lousy zipper foot acting as a lousy presser foot and a lousy welt foot?? Am I understanding you correctly? How do you sew anything correctly that way?
What the hell is wrong with you? Are you always so rude? Not only are you rude as hell, but you come off as some know it all whose idea of help is being ****ty to people. I've read your condescending comments to other posts where people are just asking for a little advice and instead they are belittled. If you want to be the top dog in the forum, the title is all yours because I couldn't care less, but you don't need to be an ******* to people. Here's some free advice, don't participate in a thread if your just going to go on a superiority rant and be mean to people for not knowing what you do. From what I can tell, you are some bitter old man with a lousy attitude and lousy people skills and should probably quit your lousy job and opt for a career change. Hell with these qualifications you would fit right in at the DMV or a security guard at the mall. As for my post, just forget it, I've had enough of your snotty tone. Am I understanding you correctly?
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