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Mike Torn 01-08-2003 11:43 AM

Sheet metal surgery 63 Nova convertible
Questions, lots of them. I’m working on a very rusty ragtop (I’ve read all of the Super Chevy articles on this) and am wondering what is the best way of going about the metal surgery. I have a complete rear end of a nova, by that I mean cut from right behind the back seats with a torch. Right through the tubular chassis and the quarterpanels all the way around. The taillight panel and trunk are perfect, as are the wheel wells and all internal metal. The quarterpanel skins are very rough down the middle where they were cut, but otherwise there good. Before I had found this chunk o Nova I had purchased panel skins from goodmark. They span the full length, from the door jamb to the taillight panel, but since my car is a convertible, I have to do a visible weld that long along the top ridge. The skins aren’t the only thing rusted out on my car. The trunk is in bad shape, as is the taillight panel. What I’m wondering is what is my best bet at putting this car back together. I want to replace as much of my car with the good bits I have, but since the quarters are already cut out, it I weld in the pan and the taillight panel in one shot, I’m worried I won’t be able to align up my quarterpanels. That makes me think I should weld in the panel skins now completely except for where they attach to the taillight and the rear of the car, then cut out the taillight panel, and then weld up the new one. Should I cut the bits out of the donor that I can use and then graft them one at a time, or should I try to weld as much of the chunk as I can complete? It would be nice to use it complete because the majority of it is very straight, and a lot of bodywork could be saved if I manage to piece things together right, in the right order. I understand this may be hard to visualize. If someone really cares to help, I’d be happy to send you photos of what I’m talking about. If you are experienced in this and local to the bay area, I’ll make it worth your while to stop by and offer your two cents….

Kevin45 01-08-2003 12:10 PM

Set up in the photo album here on this site and upload the pics to that. That way more than one can look at it and may be able to help you out in your dilema. I am more or less going thru the same thing with my '62 Impala so I know I can help you out somewhat. BTW I thought cars didn't rust where you are at, just where we are at.


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