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olsixrod 03-31-2005 08:48 PM

shop air flow
My new shop is 35'x 60'X 13' wall height, the walls are block, and the roof is steel over 5/8 ths sheathing. insulated,with a radiant barrier, without a ridge vent. I have planned for a 4'X4' opening, centered in each eave end, 14' from the floor, for a louvered exhuast fan.
My question is,what is the most effective way to ventalate the shop? My first thought was to mount 2- 48" fans in the openings, and control them with a ridge mounted thermostat.This will give me a complete air change about 6 times an hour, this seemes like a lot of flow and a huge power drain. I'm looking for a gearhead HVAC pro to help me do this right the first time...
I will be welding , fabricating and assembling, in the shop, but no painting (other than rattle cans) and all my machine tools will be under air, in a clean room. my main concern is to keep the "feels like" temp in the shop around 80 deg. with lots of fresh air, not easy to do in south florida. (average daytime air temp is 84 to 86 deg. with 80 % huMUDity) But not create any draughts or fast moving air currents that would interfere with my TIG and MIG welding on the frame jig and building table. any ideas????? thanks,Paul

Rob Keller 04-06-2005 06:51 PM

cross ventilation do you only have one door?
you could put those roof turbines to keep the heat from building up in the rafters the exhaust fan are good too when there is no breeze a couple of big fans on the floor like pedestal fans the best fan i ever used was a OLD huge squirrel fan probably 3'x3.5'x4' it would move more air than 4 fans it would dry out a sweaty t shirt in 2 minuets while wearing it


Gearhead forever 04-06-2005 07:41 PM

Old furnace fans move alot of air and run very quietly....I've salvaged several from junkers as they slide out as a whole unit. I don't care for those wall exhaust fans as they are usually very noisy.

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