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It is growing quite fast and larger users are also starting to join the ranks of customer:
Citation needed or I suspect boardspam. Which customers, which distributors?

Magnegas is a product searching for investors as a way to use the gas which is a byproduct of a waste-treatment process.

All well and good, but their marketing is their own worst enemy (stop Astroturfing because it will get called out!) and their marketroids appear (to me, I'll be kind!) to be so obtuse they don't get that.) They forget that some people subscribe to threads on such things and otherwise keep tabs on the industry. (It was a good reminder to revisit this excellent forum. )

Wanna do something useful with a portable plant? (I know they are reading this.) Prove they can process and detoxify the waste from deployed bases including MRE boxes etc. "Burn pits" have poisoned enough troops that it's a serious concern and the process doesn't have to be a net energy producer, just dispose of garbage. Flaring any unused gas is an option or run a secondary incinerator.
Not worthy of another thread, but now we have a HELIUM shortage. National Welders and Southern Welders have sent out notices, and it's expected to last a year or two.

If you use helium for aluminum welding, don't waste it. Many users such as gift shops cannot get the stuff at all. Used helium cylinders often go cheap on Craigslist, and since they have a CGA-580 valve can be converted or exchanged for mixed gas and argon. I've done three so far and keep an eye out since I'd rather spend less than a one year lease for a cylinder I can own. Once you own them, fills are cheap.

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