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i say hire the illegal immigrant --put an american citzen out of work---

when daddy finishes putting you thru school-- go look for a job
Ain't that the truth, and a good reason why there are fewer
good paying jobs left. As if the wages body techs get, which isn't a clean or easy job, aren't low enough compared to other skilled trades out there already. Being an american, you should be thinking more of calling him in then considering taking work to him.

If your going to try to save money, at least try to find and give the work to some legal american who will do it on the side, and can do it a little cheaper because of low overhead. Many body techs do (yes even ones with years of experience that can produce pretty good work at home). One because they don't all get the great pay, regardless how expensive the work is (blame a lot on material costs, equiptment and regulations a legit shop has to comply with). Two, now with the economy many techs out there may have cut hours.

If this illegal has no problems with coming into the country illegally and will work in some shack illegally, how comfortable do you feel he wouldn't screw you or run off with your money somehow given the chance. What happens if you gave him cash and the feds crack down on him?

I know it sucks being broke, but we don't always get what we want or have to scrape and save or make sacrafices to get it. Which is why, even though I'd like to, why my engine is not at my favorite machine shop getting machined right now, since I am on unemployment.

Are there any skills you can offer? Maybe you could somehow work out a trade to save some money. I've considered putting an add on craigslist (but watch out for illegals and paint gypsys there as well, they often can't spell or take the time to write a coherent sentance) offering to trade a fair amount of bodywork for a good engine for the truck. And I got the truck in the first place a couple years ago for a paint job for a previous customer.

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