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Caprice Sleeper 08-22-2012 06:01 PM

Should I use a gasket sealer on a .015 shim head gasket?
The 229 V6 has spun a bearing so the 305 must be put into service ASAP. The 305 is a 90 model year with a stock roller cam and dished pistons. I want to install a set of 906 vortecs milled .030 (62cc chambers after the mill). I think the 305 had 8.5:1 compression with 58cc heads stock, so if my vortecs are 62cc and I use a .015 shim gasket (Fel-pro FEL-1094 4.100 in bore, compressed thickness .015 in.) I should be back at 8.5:1 which is good for a daily driver. Anyways my question is do I need to use a gasket sealer of some sort during assembly? I searched this question and it seems that it was last discussed about 10 years ago so I just wanted to get some current knowledge on the subject. Thanks everyone for the help it is much appreciated as always.


Caprice Sleeper 08-23-2012 06:51 AM

Thanks for the help. I couldn't find the GMPP head bolts. Before I made the thread I was planning on using Fel pro (FEL-ES72856) Cylinder head bolt kit $23.95. Seems like they will work but I would like to get your input on them and the GMPP parts number if you have it. Also I don't want to run into trouble with my intake gaskets cracking because I milled my heads. I checked out the Fel-pro 1255 gaskets you told me about. Once again before the thread I was going to use Edelbrock (EDL-7235) intake gaskets $24.95. I think I will go with the Fel-pro's, they seem like a better gasket for my application. Thanks for the help.

machine shop tom 08-23-2012 07:46 AM

No need to re-torque the head bolts when using a steel shim gasket.


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