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show me your home made tools so I can copy them!

I've made a few tools and love doing it. Would love to make some more but I usually wait til a situation arises to get me to do it. Anyhow, if you made some please show us. Would love to get some ideas and just read about interesting tools guys are making.

These are bits for a palm nailer to be used as a poor man's planisher. They are hardened steel bolts welded onto washers then shaped. The bit in the middle even has a curved face but in all honesty the only bit I found worthy is the square one. If you use the square bit with a shot bag you can get pretty good results. Haven't used the planishing hammer but can tell that the palm nailer in tandem with a shrinking disk can get great results if you have the time to go back and forth for a bit. Unfortunately I have only time for a round or two of both but can tell it gets better with patience.


I was looking for a copper magnet all over on line and the only one I found was at eastwood and I heard the magnets fall out and are weak, so I made my own. I got the idea from someone else who used induction magnets but I found magnets that were smaller. Just a 1" copper pipe smashed down, two bolts welded into 1/8" stock and plc adhesive glued to the magnets, which bolt thru copper. Better damn magnet than some china crap. This thing is rugged too. Very handy piece. I will also make a mini one with one magnet and a small copper tab. Just imagine this magnet cut in half.


I think everyone has made a pair of tuck shrinkers. I think I should shape the head a bit but it works ok I guess. I need more practice at it so I can't really comment. Maybe I'll get some sheet metal and try to make a bowl or something.


The homemade pogo stick kicks arse. Works like a charm and it's a tool I just don't want to pay $100 for when I don't use it everyday, so I made one. Even has the same dimensions as a pogo stick and even a bicycle grip handle at the end. This is before I welded it together. I already used it and it worked like a charm. Still have to glue a piece of rubber tire onto the foot.


I just made these today. I was working on a usual chevy truck fender and anytime the fender lip gets hit they same to always roll inward. It's a pain to fix so I welded two pieces of metal on some deep throat vise grips and so now I'll simply clamp the lip down and twist it into shape. Easy as pie. The other one I did simply cause I know a vise grip with a ring welded onto it comes in handy for multiple purposes. Glad I did this.


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