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62galaxiguy 08-30-2005 05:23 PM

Is it shrunk or stretched? Now what?
On my 62 galaxie restoration while i was working on the front end my partner was mig welding a 24"x 4" patch on the lower rear qtr. It seemed like he was done in no time he said he tacked it in but as i checked 4" above the weld seam there was an oilcan about 5'' wide by 3-4' high.I say its shrunk he says its stretched and we have to hammer on dolly on the weld seam***?THe weld seam is rock hard and it is level could the heat from weldinghave shrunk an area above the weld seam?Sorry for the long post .What do i do now? thanks mike

baddbob 08-31-2005 05:40 AM

Mike, the welded seam has shrunk and pulled as it cooled causing the oilcan above. You need to hammer the seam with a dolly on method to stretch the seam area out and release the pressure causing the oilcan. If this doesn't work it'll probably need to be cut loose and rewelded. If you shrink the oil can tight the warpage might be less severe but I bet it will still be there or possible spread out over a larger area. Bob

John Kelly 08-31-2005 07:03 AM

Bob has you on the right track..also try grinding the weld on both sides before using a hammer and dolly. The shrinkage is probably only in the area that turned blue from welding so stay close to the weld when stretching. If other areas are still low try bumping them out with a dolly, then smooth with a hammer and dolly. Check the curve of the panel up and down and front to back with templates taken from the other side of the car.


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