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yeepman2 01-31-2006 04:03 PM

silver metalic problem
Last night I sprayed the roof of a gto with nason bc/cc silver mixed 8-1/2-4.Spayed two medium coats with sata 2000 hvlp 1.4 mm tip.Had lots of mottling and stripping so i spayed several drop coats and ALMOST got it.sprayed at 29 psi with the trigger open like sata recommends,but i'm getting a very small pattern,about 5 inches,and its kinda football shaped.I've read about using clear activators to stabilize the metalics,is this needed when using nason basecoat activator?

woodz428 01-31-2006 04:35 PM

A trick I have used for 40 years is to put some clean ball bearings or marbles in the gun and rattle it every so often to keep the metallic in suspension.

yeepman2 01-31-2006 06:56 PM

Uh, my guns gravity feed wont a ball bearing plug the hole?

BarryK 01-31-2006 07:15 PM

Where the cup screws on the little filter is not still there is it?
If it is throw it away and see what your fan does then.

yeepman2 01-31-2006 07:37 PM

I never put the little strainer in,I just tried a 8-1/2-8,more reducer,got the pattern out to 6 inches.I noticed that my pattern is just slightly c shaped,barely noticeable.

yeepman2 01-31-2006 07:47 PM

I think the pattern share was just my imagination or maybe wasn't holding the gun verticle.

Bee4Me 01-31-2006 11:22 PM

My trick for Nason silver is to go with about .25 -.5 more reducer using the standard 2:1 ratio and let the fan run wide open with the test pattern fading just a little on the ends. THis keeps the mottling and striping way down IMO. People try to get good coverage with the first coat and with the standard ratio,it's just too thick and this get's the mottling going good right off the bat.
The 1:1 is just too thin and it really doesen't cover then you get into more problems. I've shot quite a bit of it and this along with a wide fan is the trick IMO.
As for the activator,I don't use it at all unless I'm planning on some taping directly over it. I also will mix in about .25 of fast reducer if it's in medium temp range as Nason is slow as heck to flash anyway and this helps things along without over doing it with cooler weather on us.

yeepman2 01-31-2006 11:42 PM

I'm sorry i'm a little confused.Are you saying to mix 2 to 1 and then 25 to 50 percent more reducer?I agree that a wide fan would help but with my fan wide open I only get about 5 inches,do you think the 1.4 tip is too small?

gdroze 01-31-2006 11:53 PM

ive shot nason for about 15 years and i have always disliked there base coat system. with light colors like silver it is best to go with the slow reducer like
441 22 or low voc 441 66 .i use a sata 2000 with a 1.3 and it works fine .also
make sure to open the fluid as much as possible keep the gauge around 25, and
a medium wet coat and let it flash off and it should look right.also use a 1 to 1
mix ratio works best. you dont need activator even though it is called for. but if you must add one ounce per sprayable quart

jcclark 02-01-2006 04:54 AM

Another thing that helps in keeping the paint color even is keeping the
paint agitated in the cup. The best way to do that with a gravity gun
is to get a "devilbiss bag kit".
They make a kit with universal adapters. Then you can install zip-lock
bags in your cup for the paint to be "sealed" in.
That way you can shake your gun regularly and keep it mixed.
I even lay my gun on it's side in between coats.
It makes clean up a lot easier and you can even spray upside down
with this system. It's about $25.00 and sold at most gun stores

baddbob 02-01-2006 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by yeepman2
I'm sorry i'm a little confused.Are you saying to mix 2 to 1 and then 25 to 50 percent more reducer?I agree that a wide fan would help but with my fan wide open I only get about 5 inches,do you think the 1.4 tip is too small?

A five inch pattern just ain't ging to cut it on a silver metalic, how did you do the drop coat? I usually get enough material on to achieve full coverage, then apply one more coat and imediately go back with a drop coat. Hold the gun back about 12 inches and move it fast or dial the air pressure and fluid down so not much material is coming out, if done correctly the thin and evenly sprayed drop coat will melt into the previous coat and when it flashes off will be as smooth as a regular medium wet coat. If you do the drop coat wrong or are using a reducer that is too fast the drop coat will be more like overspray, have texture, and could lead to adhesion problems if it didn't merge with the previous coat. Add more reducer or mix in some intercoat clear during the drop coat if you've got a really tough color to thin it down for a more even application. Hope this made sense. Bob

Fat Freddy 02-01-2006 07:21 AM

fat freddy
it sound s to me like your gun needs a good cleaning, with the pattern you are getting you may have to clean out the air nozzle
look at the front end and see if all of your air holes are cleaned out,
that is the first thing top look at if you are getting a "C" patern. as for all that metalic "TECH i can't help you much. i just lay down one very light coast letting it flash. and while waiting i watch the flake and see if it is laying down. if it aint then i add some more reducer. for the next light coat. if the flake lays down , then after the flash I hit it medium wet. and take a coffee break ............... then come back and give it a wet coat,
I"m not familar with youir specific paint, but this method was taught to me by an old fart , who could really NAIL it every time.. and it has worked for me since then.
BUt take a good look at that spray nozzle.. even if ya need a magnifyin' glass , get all them lil' holes spickin span cleaned out.
later in that dark cold garage,

Bee4Me 02-01-2006 08:15 AM

That's correct. The math is confusing and why they have to do it this way is beyond me, :rolleyes: 8:4 = 2:1, 8:8 = 1:1
Freddy is right on as "something" is wrong with the gun or air supply if you can only get a 5" fan even with the 2:1 ratio. Nason's metallic line is a PITA to use and their Silver is about the worst. I use their large flake metallic under kandy graphic's which is pretty but it takes some "adjusting" with the mix & gun to lay it out right. I've tried the 1:1 mix and it just doesn't spray well for ME, so I've just learned how I can use it best for ME and I seldom need a drop coat unless it's just a "bad" day.
I don't know what the "recommended" pressure for that gun is,but I'd bump it up 10 psi or so and try that. Silver needs a little extra sometimes to atomize it.

yeepman2 02-01-2006 05:47 PM

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Found the problem,somehow the aircap on my new sata went askew.I dont think its been droped,so I pushed It back together and got my pattern back.Thanhs for all the advice guys.

Fat Freddy 02-02-2006 04:53 PM

fat freddy
HEY don't feel dumb if ya missed such a simple thing,
I just spent 15 days In central PA doing a dog on a hood, and all of my equipment decided to die or break on me, so what do ya think you'd feel like when folks are waiting for art, and ya spend 2 weeks just shoppin' and fixin stuff. Well glad ya got it up and runn in' REMEMBER CHILDREN, SOME TIMES WE HAVE TO CLEAN THE PLAYGROUND PO PO OFF OUR TOYS.

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