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Originally Posted by 2000jack
Car overheats when I drive down the road and I have replaced or it is new everything. Now I am trying anything. When I placed a handkerchief in front of my radiator at idle the handkerchief flew/waved at me at almost a 90 degree angle. The air is coming from the engine side pushed by the fan through the radiator towards me as I am standing in front of the car. I thinking, shouldn't the handkerchief be sucked up to the radiator face when hold it in front? Or am I wrong in my thinking? As you can see we are not talking any hi-tech job. Just a plain jane 305ho, although there is not much "ho" in a 305ho.
If this is a pump mounted fan and you replaced the pump as well one of several things happened.

To start with V-Belt pumps and fans rotate clockwise, same as the crank. Serpentine belt pumps and fans rotate opposite to V-belts and the crank in a counter-clockwise direction.

If you have cross breded the pump or fan between these they will be turning opposite to the direction needed for the belt system.

The pump will attempt to pull coolant from the engine, so intake will be from the top of the radiator and return thru the bottom.

The fan will blow air out the front of the radiator instead of pulling it in.

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