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cuda66 03-03-2003 08:00 PM

single plane intake vs dual plane
Here is my question: I have a 318 that is currently using a dual plane intake that is an edlebrock. I have the opertunity to purchase a wieland single plane intake for 100.00. What should I do. The car is a high rev motor. I mean I have set my shift points around 6500 to 7000 rpm and the motor likes it
Here is the build sheet:
Aluminum edlebrock heads 2.02 int 1.60 eht
Purple shaft cam power is built from 2600-7000rpm
Cam lift .509 292 dur
flattop pistons around 10.25 to 1
2500 stall converter
manual valve body in the trans
Smaller pindulim gear to make different sizing in first and second gear in the trans
3.55 gear
spooled in the rear.
750 holley
hooker headers equal length 1.78 inch
2 flow masters with a h pipe
And a fluid damper
engine should dyno around 400 to 450 hp

I guess the guestion is will this intake make a difference only at the top end or will this help out as far as low end? When I ran the set up on the computer I showed that the single plane would give more hp at a lower rpm but I just wanted to know if any one has had any experience wiht this in there car? The car though need some more ummph it acts a little sluggish from a dead stop then picks up pretty good but it has a hard time launching!!! I mean i can spin the tires in the shift between first and second and then bark them going from second to third. Any IDEAS????? My problem is I am always looking for more!!!! Joel

mustang66maniac 03-03-2003 08:12 PM

If its slow off the line with a dual plane, itll be slower with a single plane. Basically, youll loose low end power and torque, but it makes up for it big time in the upper rpm range. Since your cam is rated from 2600-7000, i say go for the single plane, most dual planes fall off at 6000-6500. You might want a lower gear ratio and maybe a higher stall converter to make up for the extra slugishness off the line though.

DoubleVision 03-03-2003 08:14 PM

if it don`t have much grunt from take off, a single plane is only going to make it worse. for your combition, a single plane would be beneficial in the mid and upper rpm ranges as your engine has. but on the street it`s not horsepower that moves all that sheet metal, it`s torque. you can bet the single plane is going to cost you a 10 to 15 ft lb drop in the lower rpm ranges and if horsepower increased in this same area it`s not gonna help it any. it`s your car and your call, lower gears or a higher stall maybe needed with the single plane intake, as well as the fact you have a small cubic inch engine which with high RPM isn`t gonna have much low end to start with. if your racing it in the 1/8 of a mile, anyone with torque and decent gears is gonna eat your lunch. also keep in mind if you go with a single plane, one cylinder is drawing off the entire mass under the carb, so less cfm is acceptable and would likely be beneficial. your call. good luck.

cuda66 03-03-2003 08:21 PM

with the gearing in the trans changed i had the trans shop figue out the increase with the differnet gearing in the trans in relation with the rear gear. he figured it at 4.10 on first and about 3.73 in second and 355 on third I am also running 24 inch tires. Im guessing that maybe a higher stall is in the plan just have to try to talk the woman into letting me spend another 700 dollars. Joel

79GrandAm 03-04-2003 11:29 AM

try different springs in your distributor, you can make a huge difference in the throttle response by doing a little fine tuning. also try different jets in your carb

cuda66 03-04-2003 02:03 PM

Well I would like to recurve the dist but it is a mopar and there seems not be a kit avaliable. souupsedly the dist is already recurved from the fact. But as far a rejetting I am thinking of scrapping the 750 holley and buying a demond 750 that will handle the 292 duration cam. I am in love with mechanical secondaries!!!! Im not a big fan on vaccum!!! ( I hardly pull down 7 hg at an idle) But I think it has some thing to do with the carb or the intake. Joel

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