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Originally Posted by my87Z
you mention that you guys build these motor's, that's weird cause i have seen the exact same motor with the exact same specs and exact same valve covers, everything, being sold by other performance shops.

i have nothing against skip white's performance shop as i have bought a few products online from them and they have been good quality and have been received in a very timely fashion.

you mention that these heads are strong performers, i disagree, they dont have good flow numbers at all. they dont flow any better than a set of RHS 180 pro actions and if you compair them to a set of RHS/DART/brodix/AFR... the list goes on heads with the same runner sizes you will really see where they are inferior. i've also heard that they are made with inferior metals/aluminum and that is why you can buy them online all day long for 649.99 (you get what you pay for).

i too know machinest who will use PC products, but only when given a very low budget or when dealing with someone who askes for them beacuse of their price, if you ask a machinest if they would build their own motor with them they will tell you NO!!!

one other thing is to use 210cc heads on a 383 with the hyd cam used and to make 440hp is all mismatched.
Your post makes not sense at all. Yes we build our engines here, and I never said these heads are top performers, compared to Dart and AFR. And we do sell them for $649.00 fully built. The flow numbers are decent with the exception of the 190 PC heads, I didn't say these heads have huge numbers, as most people building a 400hp plus or minus engine will see little advantage when going with high flowing heads. I sell the Dart Platinum Pro 1 heads, and sell very few of them even though I wrote a very good add on how improved they were over the early ones of a couple years ago. I personally like them very much, but they are very slow sellers for us.

Below is a comparison chart that's in every add I have on the PC heads. I don't show the PC heads as being better than the better heads on the market.

300 400 500 600 650 700
DART 230 Intake 188.6 233.5 267.1 280. 0 281.0 281. 0
Exhaust 148. 2 176.3 191.9 201.0 201.2 201.2

PROCOMP 210: Intake 161.6 206.5 240.2 260.4 264.9 264.9
Exhaust 131.0 148.2 152.8 152.8 152.8 152.8

Fully CNC'D 220: Intake 195.0 236.0 258.0 274.0 278.0 281.0
Exhaust 150.0 175.0 193.0 203.0 206.0 209.0

DART 200: Intake 191.0 231.0 256.0 258.0 258.0 264.0
Exhaust 140.0 168.0 184.0 192.0 195.0 200.0

Of course most machinests will not use them on their own motor, as every one of them I know goes all out on what they build for them selves, and have access to high end heads, not to mention they build the engines themselves.

210 heads to build a 383 with a hyd. cam is not mismatched at all.

The 190 heads that Procomp offers do have poor flow numbers, but this is not much of an issue on mild 350 buildups.

I don't want to hear another mention of how bad these heads are or that they have inferior metal. I sell $100,000.00 per month of these and have been for about two years, and have nearly zero problems with them. I've dynoed them to death on at least half a dozen combos, with great results. I run the cnc'd version on my 400 cid engine and make 535hp at 10.5:1 comp. ratio on pump gas. Car goes 10.6 in the quarter. Have made no less than 80 passes at the track, drove it thousands of miles on the street.

I have never said these heads are the top performers, but they certainly have a place in the hotrod community.
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