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Small Block Starting Issues

So got the 350 in my S-10. Everything finally hooked up, and turned the key . . . nothing but a cranking engine. The motor will crank and crank just fine, but acts like there is no fire. So here is what I did, checked the plugs for spark, got it! Primed the carb with gas, it has it! So I figure spark and gas it should run even if rough. But acts like no fire. Called dad, he is coming over tomorrow to look at it, this is his plan.

1. Check all fuses, and re check my connections. I have power at the coil, and the plug so I don't think this will help. I did touch an accesory wire to the fender and blew out the wiper motor fuse, but I fixed that.

2. He is going to turn the motor until #1 cyl is top dead center on compression stroke. Then take the cap off the distibutor and see if it is under the number one plug. Ok I may have turned the rotor putting the motor in, it was set just fine before we dropped the engine though.

So this is his plan, he thinks my distributor is firing at the wrong time, and not sparking when it should, wrong cylinder at wrong time.

So I see no problems with this. He said since I poured gas in the carb, and can do that, that first we need to get the spark right then worry about the fuel (I thought is may have been a fuel issue). With gas a spark we should get some, even if poor life out of it.

Is there anything else? Does this sound like the right starting point?


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