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small exhaust diameter up front and big out back??

i was just thinking about something and let me know if im right or wrong. the general consencus seems to be that smaller exhaust pipe diameter gives better low end torque and big pipes give better high end and revving capability due to the increased flow. now why not build an exhaust system that has both? it seems that smaller tubes closer towards the motor such as the headers and first bit of pipe coming off of them is the most crutial to low end torque (smaller tube headers=more torque, etc.) i mean look at high performance motorcycles and such. they usually have a very skinny header pipe which tapers out into a large diameter muffler. so would it make sense to build an exhaust system that starts out out with say 2" or 2 1/4" piping from the headers to the mufflers then uses 2 1/2" or 3" piping for the tailpipes?? wouldnt this give you the benefit of having smaller pipes close to the motor for low end and torque and then have the bigger pipes towards the back for less high-end restriction, plus the added bonus of having a deeper sound due to the bigger tailpipes?? or am i just talking out my a** and what you would actually have is a system with flow characteristics somewhere inbetween the two??
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