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Originally Posted by ztoy
"Do like we do in small rural areas. Get permit to build structure and once its passed local or county insspection wire and insulate it later down the road and avoid all the hassle of inspectors. Do not do anything without the help of qualifyed people if you cant do the work on your own."-Web01

Love those side

Actually inspectors are there for your safety, to insure that the work is done according to their requirements. Too many times people 'think' they know 'how to wire it' themselves when they really don't. Thats when life and limb is being risked, and for what? To save a few bucks? Remember, its only YOUR LIFE or the LIVES OF LOVED ONES that might be put at risk when you mess with power and do it unsafely. Electricity is a respecter of no man and kills without remorse. We electricians only ask that inspectors be consistent in their interpretation of the NEC, right guys?

geez, can't believe I am actually defending inspectors....

Either the NEC or local code! For those who think those of us who do this for a living are some what anal about things should see some of the stuff we find when called out on service calls. I once had a call the lady said that when she turned off the shower in her travel trailer she had blue flames running all over her body! Needless to say this was some cause for alarm, when I got there I started checking and found that there was a 110 volts on the neutral!! I traced out the feed and found that the attached power cord had not been long enough so there was a piece of #10/2 w ground I followed it all the way to the main where I found that the guy who hooked it up had connected as a 240 volt not a 110v. These's people worked as part of a paving crew rather than go to a trailer park the owner the place offered to let them set up at his place. How about the one I am working on this week at some time in the past the power pole was broken somebody sistered a railroad tie next to it with some long bolts to hold it in place. New homeowners complained of getting shocked when turning off the shower. I went and checked it out, I dropped one lead of my meter in the drain and touched the other to the faucet 10 volts!!! I started checking when I got out to the power pole I found that the insulation on neutral wire in the disconnect was burned, I then opened up the meter base and found not only was it burned the insulation was falling off. When the pole broke the neutral was pulled almost all the way from the under the lug, also the ground rod had been disconnected.
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