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Originally Posted by alittle1
Your right about that! I once had to do some cement work on a bin at the other end of the home quarter. I had a cement mixer with a 1/4 horse electric motor on it. I ended up plugging two wires off the barbed wire fence in to a extension cord and plugged the other end in to the mixer. Talk about line loss! Had to kick the top pulleyof the mixer when we had more than six shovels full of gravel in the hopper.

This was our third alternative. The first one was to mix the concrete, dump it in a wheel barrow, wheel it up a plank into the bed of an old Chevy pickup, drive across the field, down the plank and dump it in the forms. Couple of things didn't work out with that plan. First one was running the wheel barrow up the plank and then stopping it, after going through the back window and putting 1/10 of a yard of concrete into the cab, we decided to put a block of wood as a stop. The next was driving across a field with a barrow of wet concrete a little too fast for the terrain, badger holes are bigger than gopher holes by at least half a wheel. The driver ended up picking concrete out of his ears and it took about 20 pails of water to wash out the cab, some of which the driver was still in the cab.

So as you can see, necessity was the Mother of invention. When your 15 and you have a very active mind, you can think of almost anything. One thing about that 1/4 horse motor, the neighbour said that it didn't seem to want to run right after we brought it back. Had to get it re-wound, I believe. Don't know why, it worked fine for us boys!
Now you gone and done it. LOL
Back when I was in college I made extra cash being the human fork lift. At the time I was 6 foot 3, 235Lb, I had a 58 inch chest, a 35 inch waist 24 biceps, 20 inch neck. I was a gym rat, I spent 2 hrs each morning and 2 each evening in the school weight room. One of the people I worked for was one of the instructors in the refrigeration and heating dept. who had his own company. One of the jobs we did was down town Odessa TX. at a lawyers office in a house they had converted into offices. As I started up into the Attic the guy I was working for told me to watch my head, I said looks like plenty of room he then turned on the light to show me that there were three strands of barb wire on insulators running down the center of the roof. I asked him whats that? That he said is the power for the building any time they need a new drop they just wrap the copper wire around the appropriate strands and drop it down the walls. Seems the house was built back in the 30s!! I asked do they know about this? He said yea but they say its lasted this long why bother it!!! If some body rented a house like that the same lawyers would have sued the owner for negligence
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