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Dragon J 12-09-2003 07:16 AM

Snap-On Chopper
I usually don't get to see too much TV but saw American Chopper last night with the build-up of the Snap-On chopper- any thoughts by you guys? Although they have a lot of work done for them (I'm a pure Homebuilder-type guy!) I think they have unique innovative ideas and it is funny watching them argue and drill into new tires!!! Comments?

tm454 12-09-2003 08:01 AM

I curse you man!
May the bird of Paradise fly up your nose, may and elephant caress you with its toes, may your wife be cursed with runners in her hose, may the bird of Paradise fly up your nose! Don't ever make fun of the snap-on man, man!!

Dude is like a god man, what were you thinking man? Making fun of the tool guy's bike????


Rat Rods Rule!

Dragon J 12-09-2003 08:07 AM

Wake up....I said they had unique innovative ideas- I didn't make fun of it....I am asking for comments as I LIKE the bike and wondered if others do... jeeeeeesssss!!!(and he even dissed my wife!)

tm454 12-09-2003 08:15 AM

It was a Joke dude, I was making fun of you for watching American Chopper and telling everyone about it! That was my comment, take a joke why don't ya??


Rat Rods Rule!

BstMech 12-09-2003 08:17 AM

I have to see that episode, I'll bet the old man blew a gasket when they drilled through the tire! :D

EBlack36 12-09-2003 08:46 AM

Missed it last night, was watching Battlestar Gallicta (Spelling) on Sci Fi

dinger 12-09-2003 08:50 AM

I missed the first 10 minutes, but it was the first one I saw where the old man didn't blow a gasket. I think they made up for that with the 2 hotties, Jr.s girlfriend and the new secretary. Both blonde and built. Poor ole Jr has to drive around in a Prowler. The tire popping looked a bit staged, screwing up an expensive tire for giggles made them look foolish. Dan

Beenaway2long 12-09-2003 09:08 AM

I love the metal fab part of the show. I just wish they would shut Big Paul up. I'm getting aggravated with the "I'm gettin' aggravated" parts. Makes you wonder how those bozos could turn out such nice pieces.
With all the arguing, they HAVE to be losing viewers. It gets old. Must be why they turned to the blondes. If they would only focus on the metal bending instead of lip bending.......:spank:

hotwheels55 12-09-2003 09:27 AM

I'll reserve judgement until I see the completed bike. During the construction phase episode last night, it looked to me like there was going to be just to many add on googaws for my tastes. I did like the wrench risers, but didn't really care for the straight handlebars. A little bit of a bend at the ends would not have distracted from the appearance.
This will probably be strictly a show bike for SNAPON, so real rideability isn't critical. That thing is going to need a mountain motor and monster brakes to stop the mass of the frame alone!
Drilling holes in new tires isn't what you'd expect from professionals...
The screaming, yelling and throwing stuff is part of the show. Sometimes you can see them almost laughing at the stupidity of it themselves. Producers want drama.

Bad Rat 12-09-2003 10:10 AM

yeah Drama
I'll go along with the drama thing, there isn't any way on Gods green earth that a father and son could argue that much, and still work together, WITHOUT JR telling the ole man to f$%k off , its all for show, I work with my son every day, we have disagreements and yell at each other, but this with Jr and Sr is too much, I guess sr's new saying is NUMB NUTS!! WOW!!!
and the blond bomb shell with JR, it is eather staged or she sees dollar signs, in everyday life she wouldn't give him a second look
As for the bike, I think it has some good design features, but you are right about the weight, did you notice them welding around the polished motor without any protection on it, maybe it was just a mock up motor, but pretty expensive mock up , personally I think JR has some help with his design work, and he takes the credit, I don't think any large co wanting a bike or car built at the price of these bikes without some input,
The drilling through the tire was about as stupid as the welding around the motor, just my 02

66thom 12-09-2003 12:48 PM

Agree with the drama part of the show, I think that's why American Hot Rod was only one episode. No drama in it and when Boyd tried to be an ********* it came of fake.


crazy larry 12-09-2003 04:39 PM

i know i know....
but it looks like it's gonna be a neat bike when done...... if they can meet the deadline, it's really tight you know......

looking forward to part 2 for the first time yet.

mathjew 12-09-2003 05:21 PM

saw the bike i think it will look coooool when its done. every bike is one-of-a-kind


nightrain_rod 12-09-2003 07:27 PM

Re: I curse you man!

Originally posted by tm454
May the bird of Paradise fly up your nose, may and elephant caress you with its toes, may your wife be cursed with runners in her hose, may the bird of Paradise fly up your nose!
Classic Jerry Reed :D .Did you hear that before you put that FM splitter on your AM Radio!? Just kiddin' ;) .


Sandflea427SS 12-09-2003 08:55 PM

Good comments...I agree...I thought along the same lines with the producers calling some drama just to make the show more interesting...and the bike would be way heavy....and I couldn't believe the unprotected engine while makes me sick to see them have a frame company and the fact that they unpack so many items....Seems they just have the good ideas and ASSEMBLE great bikes....
But, for what the show is....I like it....
I was at my buddies house watching a little TV since I don't have one.
Too bad about cutting up that Vette on Monster garage too!

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