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shad88 05-26-2006 03:34 PM

Snap Ring Pliers Problem
Im putting a Saginaw 4 speed back together and have run into a problem. I can't get the ring on that holds the front bearing on the main shaft. :confused: I worked this thing for over an hour and still can't get it on there. :mad: I tried internal and external pliers. Does anyone know a trick to getting this thing on? It's driving me nuts! :drunk:

jimfulco 05-26-2006 10:12 PM

You need a proper set of lock ring pliers. If you're using the kind with the little projections on the tip, I feel your pain. I tried them and almost lost my mind, as well as a couple of fingers. One of these should do the trick:

KD 2534
Cal-Van 268-834
Plews 72-951
Craftsman 47386 or 00947386000
Mac P21A

Occasionally you'll have to de-burr the edge of the groove and/or the edge of the ring with a file.

shad88 05-27-2006 07:27 PM

I ended up using a small dremel cut off to make a small grove in each side of the ring so the little projections on the end of the pliers had a place to bite in and keep from slipping. Got it on there on the second attempt. :) Thanx for the help. :D

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