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i think the ONE thing the government ought to be more involved in, is health care. there is a fortune to be made/saved in the heath care field. and in this country, NO ONE ought to be without medical care/coverage of some sort. but. ..... how do you weed out the malingerers from the people who have real problems. I had to transport a patient 75 miles once, to a meeting with a review board so this vegetated patient could get a chair he could sit in. he was contracted to the point of nothing you or i could have sat in would have worked. the insurance company wouldn't take the word of his family, his doctor, etc. so we loaded him up in an ambulance, and went on a road trip. we rolled him into the office on a stretcher, the lady said, and i quote, "I can't believe you had to bring him in here like that. all you had to do was tell us he was like that." his mom, who rode with us, (nicest 'christian' type lady you'd ever meet) ripped her a new one. we were there less than five minutes. for every one legitimate case, you probably have twenty or more bs cases. at least. people put more effort into getting out of doing an honest days work, than the days work would have required.

as far as SS goes, i do not even have a clue as to what would work. I do know that SS will not be there when i get ready for it. at this point in time, according to my last SS benefits statement, I'll have to work till i'm 67 before i can take partial benefit early retirement, at 72, i can retire with full benefits..(I plan on being dead by then.).. which are going to be reduced, how much is unknown, likely won't be anything left by then..... so like i said, if i'm gonna be screwed out of MY money that is supposed to be for MY retirement, it ought to be by me, not the fed. govt.

another thing, government workers. they work for us. they treat you like your dirt for needing any assistance. they wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for the less fortunate. THAT IS YOUR JOB. HELPING THE UNFORTUNATE. DO YOUR DAMN JOB. that's all you have to do.
when i was in nursing school, we applied for food stamps. my wife worked 40-48 hours a week, I went to school full time, and worked 40 hours on the weekend. (yes, 40 hours in a 48 hour period.{home health} even today, i work 32 hours of the 48 hour weekend.) the lady on the other side of the desk made my life hell. I ended up in a conference with her and her supervisor. I asked her if she gave everyone who came into her office for help, this much grief and lack of help, and if most people who came into her office were students working full time, supporting four kids. she said nothing. her supervisor intervened, and gave us full benefits for 12 months. He saw how i was treated and stated to me, "Your doing all you can to make your life better, and you don't deserve to have to come in here and put up with this crap."

this is the greatest country in the world. or rather was. and a dying cancer patient can't get time off from work to go to chemo. ( a lady i worked with.) she ended up having a stroke, her son called the ****** hole we work at, and the supervisor told him SHE needed to call him. SHE IS IN ICU AND NONRESPONSIVE YOU JACKARSE!!!!! people just need to start using their God given intelligence. but at least she's getting her chemo now. maybe it's a good thing she's in a coma. no side effects to the chemo....

any psych majors out there recognize the thought pattern?

looks like flight of Ideas to me. Is that eligible for a check?
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