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Originally Posted by
It's all moot anyway. You are correct, the vast population is totally ignorant of the magic of the time value of money. Most are screaming for SSI to be left alone so it will be. Hillary will win the next election and we will have Hillary care - 'free' health care for everyone.
I actually don't care 'cause I have pretty well taken care of myself!
I just feel sorry for my kids and grand kids 'cause they will be living in a pretty much totally socialist society and as we saw with the Soviet Union, that is not a very happy condition for mankind to be in.
Of all of the professions that need to be regulated, the health care industry is it.

Personally, I feel that if it's left up to good old capitalism, that nobody but the wealthy will be able to afford it. That's how it is now. The health insurance I buy for my family sucks, and it doesn't pay for any basic health services, so I don't go to the doctor unless I'm ready to die. It's probably going to effect my family's health long term. I'm going to have to re-vamp my entire financial portfolio so I can afford to pay $850.00 per month for decent insurance. To me, this is outrageous. If regulation is not the answer, then what in the hell is? Leave it the way it is, where only wealthy people can get service? Baloney! Of all of the professions in the world, this one should be more noble than it is. It has become a cess pool of greed and people die because of the old bottom line. I think that doctors and medical technicians should be paid well, and very well, but who in god's green earth is worth the kind of money that they charge for medical service these days? It's ridiculous.

I think that the pharmceudical industry needs closer scrutiny, it's out of control and they are way too powerful. Why should the same drug that I get for my dog cost 10 times the amount for a human?

My daughter was born with a birth defect that has made her ineligible for my personal insurance. She is covered by a government plan otherwise she would be uninsured. I pay for the insurance, and it's dirt cheap compared to what I pay for my wife and I. The insurance is better than what I can buy.

If my insurance does not pay for something I need, then I won't get the service. I will get just receive "life stabilizing treatment" and I'll die because it's unprofitable for them to save my life.

Of course now, they can charge me a quarter million dollars and save my life, and now, with the current bankruptcy laws, they can slowly kill me as they collect the money from me after they've saved my life.

I agree, let there be more competition. Open the door back up for Canadian drugs. Who shut it anyway?

The whole deal makes me want to puke. It's kind of like the bankruptcy laws that favor the credit card companies. They should change the usery laws so they can't snare people so easily to go with these tough new bankruptcy laws.

Same goes for the medical profession. It can't be fixed, until the corruption is removed from it. Some of the big bucks should be removed from it, then the common guy could have a little more for himself.
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