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Originally Posted by NAIRB
Of all of the professions that need to be regulated, the health care industry is it.

.....I think that doctors and medical technicians should be paid well, and very well, but who in god's green earth is worth the kind of money that they charge for medical service these days? It's ridiculous.

I think that the pharmceudical industry needs closer scrutiny, it's out of control and they are way too powerful. Why should the same drug that I get for my dog cost 10 times the amount for a human?

The insurance is better than what I can buy.

Open the door back up for Canadian drugs. Who shut it anyway?

The whole deal makes me want to puke. It's kind of like the bankruptcy laws that favor the credit card companies. They should change the usery laws so they can't snare people so easily to go with these tough new bankruptcy laws.

Same goes for the medical profession. It can't be fixed, until the corruption is removed from it. Some of the big bucks should be removed from it, then the common guy could have a little more for himself.
( Quote Editted for pertinent issues)

Here's my spin in things. I agree with Jeff / Willys with the exception of the governmental payments to the industry. The Government pays a set fee for each service, regardless what the Doc or hospital charges. The insurance industry (Policy holders) bears the brunt in additional charges to offset the medicare, medicaid, mandated pro-bono, etc.

The docs today are making less that they were 20 years ago. Exhorbitant Malpractice costs are the primary reason. Secondary, is Medicaid/Medicare payments are 120 to 150 days from application. When the office calls for money, which SHOULD be "Net 30", the M/C office will try to negotiate, in order to send the Doc's cash. The GOVERNMENT puts the screws to the Doc/hospitals in addition to regulating the billable costs. For US, the bill would be $200.00 , yet M/C will only pay $130.00. By the time they are done, they pay $110.00. The Docs office/ hospital will raise prices to the offset the deficit. The Insurance co will battle with the Docs office, and depending on the plan you have, you may end up paying 1/3 of it out of pocket!! My wife used to be aNurse manager in an OB/GYN office, and best friends with the office manager. For a group of 6 Docs, they paid in EXCESS OF 1 MILLION in Malpractice Insurance. They had ZERO claims against them in 15 years.

Malpractice is our nemisis
Medicaid is our nemesis
The drug companies are being sued every day. A guy wants a woody, takes a pill, has great sex, has a heart attack and SUES. Was he in good enough shape to handle the sex? Doesn't matter. Sue Viagra, and be a millionaire.

The Federal Drug Administration will not allow Canadien drugs, as they are not proven safe in US testing labs. Until they are tested, they aren't considered safe. I am not sure of the legal ramifications of intercountry lawsuits.

Remember, that EACH PERSON reacts to EACH drug differently. Its body chemistry. Now add the "diet" variables, such as a more acidic diet, that will affect each drug. Now add in the multitude of variables ,such as how many drugs there are available over the counter, prescribed drugs, sunlight, allergies,etc. Start mixing all this crap up, and you have the "meltdown" potential. Your dogs can not sue, so therfore, his medicine is cheaper, and the drug co is making TONS more money.

Research costs money. Thats added to the cost of drugs.

Docs get kickbacks on the drugs they prescribe. Believe it. I ALWAYS ask for generic. "This is the greatest...." Sorry,Doc. Give me penicillian. That works. The Medicaid recipients want the best stuff out there, because THEY don't pay for it. WE DO!! And we have to take the generic stuff.

Bankruptcy laws? Whole different topic. But why shouldn't you be responsible for your actions? If you can't pay it, don't buy it.
Would you fix a car , and not expect payment? Why expect anyone else to do their job, and not be paid? It lowers the cost to everyone in the long run. (bad debt)

One of the scarey things today, is everyone EXPECTS to have all the nice things in life, regardless of how hard they work. Take "Joe Blow" who decides he wants to work construction in the summer only, and doesn't want to work winters. Should he have all the luxuries of life? Or should he make sacrafices? Like drive a used pickup instead of an H-2? He has the income in the SUMMER to buy it, but unemployment just covers the necessities in the winter.

No one saves for emergencies. EVERY single person out there should have a MINIMUM of 1 years salary in the bank. LIQUID CASH. Can't save on your limited budget? Make some sacrafices. The kids don't NEED Playstation 300, nor do they need 4 pairs of $200.00 sneakers. Its about using YOUR judgement, and deciding whats best for your family LONG term. My wife and I wanted 4 kids. We knew we could only afford 2. Especially when it came to sending them to school. (Ay Currumba!!) That time is here, and $30K a year with no tuition aid is a killer. My daughter can't even get a job on campus, because thats reserved for low income kids. The kids going for FREE, incidently. Thats SUCKS!

Ok,enough ranting..... Anyone have any prozac?
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