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hrjme 05-08-2011 06:13 PM

Soda blasted projects-is it too late to save?

After reading the above posts about soda blasting, I find I may have problems. First, several years ago, I had our 41 sedan body blasted by a professional aircraft re-finisher. Most of his work is on aluminum airplanes, but he also does autos. I had him soda blast and epoxy prime the body and parts, knowing that restoration work will take years. This is a complete frame off restoration. It is still under construction, but is nearing beginning the paint processes.

The second concern is a rebuilt radiator for a 23 T-bucket. I hooked up a used 40 pound pressure blaster with an Eastwood soda blasting valve kit. I soda blasted all exterior metal, except the repainted new core. The radiator frame and tank are mostly exposed, so will need painting to match the glass shell and car body. Most is copper, brass and soldered seams. I will be doing the radiator painting myself, using DuPont's Urethane single stage paint and epoxy primer.

So, from the tone of the posts in the above thread, I am in trouble with both projects. Any advice, especially on the brass works?

OneMoreTime 05-08-2011 06:34 PM

Main thing is with soda is that the parts need to be throughly water and soap and then blow off the moisture..See soda is an alkali and reacts with the acid etch in a lot of primers which interferes with adhesion..If the parts were well cleaned you may be ok..


jeremyb 05-09-2011 05:30 AM

you need to wash the radiator good with dawn soap and water, or simple green and water. then degrease, epoxy, and paint. refer to the tech sheets for propper application...

as for the car body, if it wasn't washed to neutralize the soda, before the epoxy was applied, you need to strip it and start over. doesn't matter how long it has sat with epoxy on it. if not, after paint, once it gets in the sun good tiny bubbles will start to appear in various places over the car. those could lead to bigger bubbles. even just a few hours in the sun can cause it to start bubbling. even worse, you start to lose adhesion of the epoxy to the metal.

something you probably dont want to hear, but its the truth.

hrjme 05-09-2011 06:06 PM

As I said, the soda blasting was done by a professional aircraft painter, who does corporate air craft as a profession. Since he was one of the few people I could find at the time that did soda blasting regularly, and figuring he know how to avoid distortion on large soft panels, I believe he was a good choice. I did have concerns about cleanup, and we discussed it. I told him to prep and primer so as to make sure it was done properly, aqs if it was his own restoration.

As an aside, He chose to use a mixture of soda and garnet on the rusty areas. He claimed garnet was better than sand or glass on steel, to avoid painting problems.

As to my little current project, I will take the advice for multiple washes, etc before the primer coat.

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