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1951sms 08-29-2012 03:52 PM

Soda blasting
I have a Harbor Freight 20 lb. Media blaster. Why do you have to change things to use Soda?

edspring1 08-29-2012 10:28 PM

not so sure
Not so sure I can answer your question ? But I have been looking around for a few months now for a blaster. The things with me is I want something that will work well with rust, paint removal, but not harm trim, glass, etc. And in a perfect world because my blasting space is limited I would like clean up to be fairly easy. Heres what I found out. There is no one machine that will do it all.
Mainly because of the material preferred/needed to do certain jobs. It seems the material itself controls what nozzle you need as well as air pressure. If you look hard enuff you'll find that they are actually blasting with dry ice now a days....LOL Heck you can use different grades of sand, walnuts, plastic pebbles, dry ice, black ice, different grades of glass beads, soda, etc, etc, etc. Problem like I mentioned is they all take different nozzles, air pressure, sometime different feed lines, guns, and even different styles of feed methods, etc. And for the better stuff none of it is cheap. Most of it is EXTREMELY messy and really should only be used in an abonded field somewhere. I have learned that it seems to be cheaper all around to find a small shop that powder coats. Pay them to blast whatever you have and be done with it. I also learned from the guy that has been painting all my cars and motorcycles for the past 20 yrs. that there seems to be problems with some of this blasting stuff and todays paints. And if you are not aware, the whole automotive paint world is changing again I think it's by the end of the year. Everything is going to water base paint. EVERYTHING ! So if your proposed blasted items need to be painted you may want to check around B4 you blast anything by any particular method. Hope this helps in some way !! Good luck !

1951sms 08-30-2012 06:59 AM

I thank you, and I also have used different media for years but I need to know why you need to buy different fittings and such to use the Baking Soda? I understand about the need for larger nozzles, more or less pressure, well not perfect but somewhat :-{

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