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I guess this will be my introductory post as well as a little something to add to this topic. I'm a DIY kinda guy and like to learn new things, trades, and skills. I've got a hobby polishing metals including automotive parts and whatnot. I'm not a hotrodder, i'm into the Volkswagen scene so forgive me for my shortcomings. I like to purchase old used parts that no one has any love for anymore, and I like to bring life into them and sell them for some profit for the time, energy, and material used.

This weekend I decided I would purchase a sand/soda blaster from harbor freight for 129.99, after seeing what I thought eastwood was selling the exact same one except in the color blue for 299.99. I also purchased a 50 pound bag of soda, and it worked pretty well. I blasted down a greasy used valve cover and it seemed to have done the job pretty well. Afterward, I went back on the Eastwood website and saw that the two soda blasters were not exactly identical, but Eastwood thought they could charge $300 for the near identical made in china blaster because of their own patented or soon to be patented retro kit that was applied on their version. Now I don't know how much better the retro kit would perform from the performance coming from my HF blaster right now with soda media, so now I am at a point of interest whether or not I should get the retro kit? More so, after looking a little further at the retro kit, I saw what looked to be something that I could personally make, so I googled 'make your own soda blasting retro kit' and it led me straight to this thread.

So my question now is, has this retro kit finally been patented, and will someone who has purchased this tell me if they think it is worth purchasing or am I better off trying to make my own replica based off the photos I can find on the web?

I apologize for bumping such an old thread as well.
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