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Gosh this has been an interesting read.
Somebody asked for facts, so lets get some in the thread.

FACT{ Soda is an entirely different impact method than hard media ranging from ground glass to silica sand. Think of the old PacMan gobbling, and you have a basic idea of how soda hits. That method makes soda ideal for soft deposits, and not worth a damn for hard deposits unless you want to spend a lot of time.

FACT{ Soda operates at far lower pressures than hard medias, and far ower volumes of media per square area than conventional media.

FACT{ Soda blasting will cause yo to have a lot of problems if you get into a warranty claim with most paint manufacturers.

FACT{ Soda residue is NOT a protective film, and thinking it is or even leaving residue in place is a bad practice.

FACT{ there are a minimum of 4 grades of soda used in blasting, each has different properties and delivers differing results.

FACT{ Soda is different enough from hard media that considerable operator learning time is necessary. Generally a good media blasting operator won't transition to soda worth squat.

FACT{ Soda used in blasting is NOT the same as home baking soda in any manner beyond being chemicly the same. The granuels are far different.

FACT{ I'll refrain from commenting on Eastwood's product beyond saying I wouldn't pay 10˘ for it. If it took Eastwoods more than 2 hours to figure out the eductor they need to restudy the subject.

FACT{ Soda requires absolutely DRY air, no if and or but about it. The necessity is far beyond what is delivered by anything short of a refridgerated dryer followed by a descicant dryer.

FACT{ most commercial soda machines employ vibrators to keep the soda moving from the hopper to the mixer.

FACT{ anybody with some knowledge of dry media handling eductors can build a soda blaster similar to a company I'll not mention a second time from a dry powder extinguisher in a home shop.

FACT{ there are multiple manufactures of good soda equipment that is worth the investment if you have work for the machine. Oddly they find no need to keep their mechanisms secret, and are fully aware patents are only worth how much you have to spend on lawyers defending the patent. They sell through rock solid vendors who know the media blasting business.
Some of those vendors have web sites. is the company that makes most soda product, and knows sodablasting better than anyone

FACT{ I don't like twobit hustlers selling crap product!
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