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con't: Soda Blasting on the Cheap

No smart alec responses, I promise! I'll address issues or concerns and/or answer questions that I can and hopefully most will appreciate the answers. So, here we go.

Q: What principle does the adapter accomplish. Does it cause better suction to in turn make better flow?
A: Unfortunately, this needs to be a non-answer-answer because we are in the Patent process and wish to protect the intellectual property. But what I can tell you is that engineeing of the unit creates the optimal Venturi effect and thereby provides the ability for a Pressure Blaster to project abrasive Bicarbonate of Soda in a constant and consistient manner; this is unattainable as pressure blasters are currently engineered.

Q: Does it purge air into the chamber to keep the material from caking?
A: No.

Q: Does it dry out the air, somehow?
A: No. The user MUST insure that their current air system or pressure blaster has a clean, dry air supply.

C: For a simple hobbyist $20 dollars worth of parts and several hours on a drill press modifying them is much more rewarding than just spending that much money on a kit.
A: Like any hobbyist (me included) the fun is building something from scratch and seeing it work so... Good Luck! We spent hundreds-upon hundreds of hours, mucho-bucks (we have the parts to prove it), and lots of frustration doing the same thing.

The real questions you or anyone one needs to answer is:
1. What is the dollar-value you put on your time? And,
2. How many $20-parts are you willing to throw away until you get it right and get it to work?

C: You didn't give any hard evidence as to why other than the caking issue.
A: OK, buy a bag of Armex(R) or Natrium(R) BiCarbonate of Soda designed for blasting and de-painting; clean out your blaster; pour the Bicarbonate of Soda into the pressure blaster; turn it on; and, see what happens. It will not work. (trust me -- it will not work!)
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