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Thanks for the great information, Chuck. I'm going to cut and splice it to a Word file so I can digest it a little more. The guy who had the SHO sold it before I could drive 175 miles to see it. Oh well, for $500, I knew it wouldn't last long because the car has a serious, almost "cult-like" following.

The tips you gave are very detailed and I appreciate that...especially the ones about the miliage service, and how to listend to the valves. That will be a major consideration. Also, I'll keep looking for a good deal on a 94-94 model. I am also guessing that since these engines were a "new breed", they probably don't suffer the head gasket fate of the 3.0 and 3.8 garden variety Fords.

These car have some kind of alluring feature to me. It seems like Ford kinda squeezed in a "modern-day" hot rod right beneath everyone's nose. To me, these cars seem like they are in a class of their own...a sort of Ford that was allowed to be "free" and broke away from the pack. I just think they are some really unique, interesting, and very fast NEW American Steel.

So the "newbie" posts a pretty lame question, eh? A veteran gearhead posts an extremely knowledgeable essay about a modern day hot rod, and the newbie starts his/her career in flames...Better keep an eye on this one too.

Why would anyone want to buy a Cadillac with a Chevy engine? Why would anyone buy a Rambler with a Ford engine? Why would anyone buy a Dodge with a Mitsu engine? Why would anyone buy a boat with a 351-Windsor? Why does a Marine 351-Windsor have different specs than a Land 351-Windsor? Why would anyone buy a Chrysler when instead of a Volkswagon, BMW, Benz, or Audi? Why would anyone buy a Japanese car that was built in Ohio? Is it a Japanese car, or is it American? Why would anyone think of a Corvette as a "hot rod" when its made out of plastic? Why doesn't Canada make their own brand of cars instead of making them for everyone else?

Why is there a 305, 327, 350, and 400 engine, when you can do the same thing with all of them? Couldn't they make just one? Why is a Firebird a Camaro and a Camaro a Firebird? Whatever happened to the 413 and where the heck did it come from anyway? Why did everybody decide to change engine size numbers at the same time? Why did Ford decide to make two entirely different engines with the same cubuc inch displacement...and why was that size 351 CID? Why is a Ford 352 engine a "Big Block" and a Ford 400 engine a "Small Block?" Why did everyone have to have a 400 and 360 CID engine? Were they all secretly made by the same company?

Why is there a Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, when they are all Chevy's anyway? Why did Datsun change its name to Nissan? Why did Honda decide to make Lawn mowers while Yamaha was making audio equipment.

Who decided to name the colors? Why is the decimal system better when its based on fingers and toes? Why do adult men get paid millions of dollars to play games like children? Why do enigmas and anomalies sound so much like what they describe? To whom do we thank for coming up with the idea of an enema? Why is it that we need to see things upside down? Why don't whales have gills like fish, and what on earth do they need fur or hair for?

How do we know that numbers continue infinitely? What happens if we run out of words to name numbers.

Why is it that out of 13,000 members, there always has to be one that farts in the space suit?

PS- Nice car Chuck
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